Projektit ja uutiset

The project Development of Innovative Production Unit of JSC UMARAS shall be implemented under Priority 2 of the Economic Growth Operational Programme Increasing Business Productivity and Improving Environment for Business Measure No VP2-2.1-ŪM-06-K Invest LT-2.

In the end of the year 2013, JSC UMARAS finished the implementation of the project Development of Prototypes of Polyethylene Products with High Value-Added under the Economic Growth Operational Programme Measure No VP2-2.1-ŪM-02-K Intelect LT, one of the stages of which was development of prototype of multilayer barrier film – the prototype of 5-layer film for food packing was developed. But the production capacities now available in the company allow manufacturing three-layer films only so the project that has been initiated is a logical further continuance of this project, the implementation of which has already been finished. By the means of the purchased equipment, the industrial production of the developed prototype of multilayer barrier film for food packing would be started. In turn, this would create conditions for the company to continue developing this technology by creating new products and immediately introducing them into the production. In such a way, the time of introduction of new products into the marker would be significantly reduced, the company would launch the products with higher value-added into the market thus ensuring its further business outlooks. The forte of the project is the project of development of export-oriented production unit of the factory with great potential located in Utena.

It is expected that the whole project will pay back within the period of 3 years after implementation of the project. After implementation of the project, the existing innovative production infrastructure of the company will be expanded – high performance industrial extruder, flexographic printing press, equipment for production of printing plates and paint mixing device will be purchased and they will form a modern line for production of multilayer barrier films. By the means of this equipment, the company will be able to produce packing products based on the technology of multilayer barrier film – in the beginning the product prototype for food packing, and later on – other products based on this technology.